Power In Your Hands

Everyone, in a couple hours I am leaving town to spend two weeks at a campground with a bunch of wonderful weirdos in period costumes.  It’s gonna be awesome. I’ll return on August 3, and should be back to blogging shortly thereafter.  If you need to contact me, I should still be fairly reachable by […]

What do you do when you’ve exhausted the possibilities of Western medicine, and you still feel exhausted, depressed, weakened, and in pain?  Listen to the messages of your body, says Dr. Lissa Rankin. In this article, she describes how she designed a radical new intake form for her patients, where the biggest question was, What […]

I met my friend and colleague, Patricia Keeler, when we both arrived at Rubenfeld Synergy Training in May of 2008.  I was suspicious and guarded in what felt like a too touchy-feely atmosphere; she was open and sunny and full of rainbows.  We still laugh, to this day, about how much I was silently eye-rolling […]

My technology is back in working order (it only took three trips to the Apple Store…), I celebrated a lovely and quiet Fourth of July, and I’m feeling very grateful for all my first-world problems.  I will endeavor to return Monday with more enlightening topics, though the summer does tend to be quiet, doesn’t it? […]